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What we do

Data Science
Machine Learning & Algorithms
System Engineering
Software Development
IoT and Communication
Data Science
System Engineering
IoT and Communication
Machine Learning & Algorithms
Software Development

Data Science

Research in various domains and data analysis processes including big data analysis; data scraping; data visualization; and Dynamic System Modeling, using Excel, Python, and Matlab. A few examples of processes from recent projects are: Rebuilding the entire data handling and classification infrastructure for a company in the food industry; Leading the algorithmic team in a Covid-19 initiative for asymptomatic patients detection using voice and speech; Proof of concept speaker verification system; Image and other signals collection and classification.

Machine Learning & Algorithms

Design of algorithms using state-of-the art signal processing, machine and deep learning techniques. Development in Python, C, C++ and other languages. Expertise in fields of motion; computer vision; sensor fusion; fintec; speech recognition; and NLP. Recent examples include: Leading the algorithmic team in a water data spectroscopic analysis and recommendations system; Building of a low-latency algorithmic trading system; Leading the system and software development in the flagship project of a smart irrigation system;

System Development

Complex integration of systems that include hardware, software, communication, data and algorithms. Top-down and Bottom up management of complex products and life cycle lead; Hands-on Project Documentation. Adoption of agile and lean methodologies to design, develop, test and release complex products overcoming complex integration challenges. Recent examples include: Management of a consumer wearable device - hardware, firmware, algorithms, communication and software; System design of a complex medical product; Defined and implemented a full IoT product for a smart city.

Software development

Top-notch software development for a variety of platforms: from real-time embedded systems, through mobile devices and PCs, to web applications and cloud. Experts in developing full stack solutions for complex systems using: C/C++, Java, C#, Python, Javascript, Rust and more. Among our projects: embedded image acquisition and processing in C, hydraulic and water management systems in Python, Android and iOS applications for IoT and more.

IoT and Communication

Experts in defining and developing end-to-end IoT products. Extensive experience with Embedded Systems; Peripherals; Interfaces; Edge Computing; Development on TI, Nordic, ST, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers; ARM and Intel chipsets; Linux and RT operating systems; Algorithm migration and optimization; Software: All Operating systems, Web, Cloud, 3D Engines, Databases Algorithms; Linux, Android, Windows, IoS; Multiple Programming Languages; Backend and Frontend design; Amazon and Azure cloud; Unity and Unreal Engine for VR and AR.


“Our project required developing new feature without having clear product specifications. We outsourced System engineering and algorithmic development activities. We worked with Avidor and Lihu from Tensor who were very professional, providing high quality service, being open minded for feedbacks, taking ownership on their deliverables and generally being very pleasant to work with.”

Amir Zyskind, Director of System Engineering Microsoft Surface

“Great team. Very professional and responsive to requirements changes. Love working with them!”

Aviv Nahman, Director of Helicopter & Land HMD programs
Elbit Systems

“We have had the pleasure of working with Lihu from Tensor for the past two years at Maytronics Water Technologies BU. In this time he has provided us a range of services – spanning R&D Planning, Algorithm Design & Development and Data Analysis – in effect as an extension and integral member of our R&D team. Lihu has demonstrated time and again the ability to deliver results of a high caliber on complex and challenging tasks, demonstrating initiative and original thinking in everything he does. We highly recommend Lihu for R&D services”

Ben Lewis, Head of Data Science

“We have done two projects with Tensor. We ordered the second one after they exceeded our expectations in the first one. We are very satisfied with the job in every aspect: professionally, commercially and inter-personally The projects were in the area of control algorithms for hydraulics machines.”

Yossi Blecher
System Eng., Netafim Digital Farming

“All requirements were fulfilled, these guys don't cut corners. I'm looking forward to my next project with them”

Elad Asulin
Shamir Insight

“Tensor did an excellent job in developing state of the art algorithms for online QRS complex detection in noisy ECG signals, as well as power-line interference reduction. They were committed, professional and very responsive to our needs. I definitely recommend Tensor, and will likely work with them in the future”

Micha Nisani, VP R&D

“Tensor are highly professional, meet deadlines, and very responsive.”

Gil Chaviv, Software Development Team Lead

“Tensor team has been involved in research and development of multiple modules of Scanmarker products including Hardware, Software and cloud. The work was performed in an extremely professional way meeting up the short deadline required by the project. I will definitely keep working with them in future projects.”

Reuven Regev, CEO

“It was a great pleasure to work with Tensor team. Their technical staff brings a decent amount of experience and know-how in specific BLE technology stack and in many other FW/HW/SW tasks that were part of the project. The team proactively came up with innovative thinking and pragmatically drive it to efficient implemented solutions. I would hire Tensor whenever I'll have a chance.”

Avi Vachnis, R&D manager

“Our work experience with Tensor Technologies has been professional, efficient, and pleasant. The company quickly dived into an existing product and code, and in short time, helped us develop a modern, improved version, using state-of-the-are BI tools.Our work ”

Ronen Fidel, Algorithms Team Leader

“Tensor provided a fast and efficient customization to their Bluetera platform for proof of concept stage. Tensor acted professionally, fully addressing our needs for this stage. We will definitely consider Tensor for future projects.”

Pellesus Alpha

About us

Tensor is a highly valued research, design and development lab for the reduction to practice of sophisticated projects and products. We provide full turn key services as well as focused and well defined solutions to complex problems.

Our ability to view a problem from a system level, divide it into simple and well defined modules and then implement each module separately, allows us to become the primary R&D task force for our clients. 

Tensor provides multiple services which include: management of projects and products; system integration; research of deep technologies;  data sciences; algorithm design and implementation; machine and deep learning; reduction to practice of communication protocols; firmware; front and backend software design.

for consumers and enterprises; medical devices; VR, AR and MR systems, machine learning algorithms and technologies.

We have adopted a lean startup methodology creating the best product-market fit.

Our clients are startups, SMEs and large corporations; We are engaged in projects across the globe: Israel, Europe, US, India, Taiwan and China. We offer various business models which fit the project needs and maturity. 

We have a team of highly skilled researchers and engineers – graduates with honors from Israeli top universities (e.g., Technion) ; veterans of leading high-tech companies (Intel; Elbit; Given Imaging) and entrepreneurs of startups.

Please contact us for more information – we are eager to assist you in any technical challenge you have.


Rest assured, your information is private and we will not share it with anyone outside Tensor.

    Derech Ha'atzmaut 45, Haifa, 33034

    08:00 – 18:00